Mental Illness is not an easy subject to to talk about. Much less live with it.

The images I have created are my attempts in dealing with and helping me to manage the symptoms of my Schizo-affective condition.

Being a Child of the Eighties I was undulated with the Music of the Day by either the local FM Radio Station or on MTV where I would not only hear the latest and greatest music but I could see it as well.

The media of album art gave me an avenue in helping to manage and deal with the various symptoms of Schizoaffective . To visually work out what is going on in my mind.

Paranioa... Depression.. Suicide... Mania... all symptoms of my mental illness. An illness that robs me of my sanity. An illness that distorts reality. An illness that has tried to kill me three times.

It is this distortion of reality that I try to capture in one form of media or another. Album Art is one way where I can quickly doodle a composition. It is the freedom of Album Art that allows me convey the emotiveness of my current mental state. It is these states of being that dictates the images that I produce.

In the displaying of the images that I have created I hope to open a dialogue on the Stigma of Mental Illness. A stigma that shadows me and the rest of the individuals that suffer from a mental illness.

Creating images for me is like walking along the beach on a warm Summer's day. The sound of the waves. The smell of the ocean permeating the air that I breathed. Peaceful, serene, therapeutic, and energizing and in being the ocean helps me to manage my symptoms. The symptoms of Schizoaffective.