Hello and welcome to my Domain. A small place to hang my digital hat so to speak and show off the weirdness that is me.

The images I have created are my attempts in dealing with and helping me to manage the symptoms of my Schizo-affective condition.

Being a Child of the Eighties I was undulated with the Music of the Day by either the local FM Radio Station or on MTV where I would not only hear the latest and greatest music but I could see it as well.

In the displaying of the images that I have created I hope to open a dialogue on the Stigma of Mental Illness. A stigma that shadows me and the rest of the individuals that suffer from a mental illness.

Creating images for me is like walking along the beach on a warm Summer's day. The sound of the waves. The smell of the ocean permeating the air that I breathed. Peaceful, serene, therapeutic, and energizing.

Hi !